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Welcome to National Geographic Food, a magazine that serves up food in a whole new way, tantalising your taste buds with a smorgasbord of fresh ideas and flavours. We believe there’s a new tale to tell about food — the story of your favourite dish, perhaps, or a new trend. We’ll also be shining a light on secret histories and forgotten traditions, as well as tracing the often bumpy journey from farm to fork.

Join the latest venture from National Geographic, one of the world’s most iconic brands, as we explore food in all its guises, from practical recipes and seasonal produce to new food trends, nutrition and health. As well as championing sustainability and celebrating local people and cultures, we’ll talk to producers, suppliers, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs and nutritionists, and hear from home cooks. All this will be presented through superb storytelling and you-can-almost-taste-it photography.

It’s local. It’s sustainable. It’s about health and nutrition, trusted recipes and accessible science. Above all, it’s about our relationship with food, and the culinary stories that need to be told.

What’s inside


News and trends, what’s on, recipes, tips for growing your own, guilty pleasures, kitchen aides, columnists and guest chefs.

Travel section

On the trail of the world’s speciality ingredients and drinks; our travel blog Breaking Bread; gourmet travel and more.

Main course

How-to guides, food fads, and the big issues in the food world from junk to waste, over-farming to food intolerances.  


Practical advice, how to do it, books, reviews, debunking the myths and all the rest.

National Geographic Food

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