National Geographic Food, the latest UK magazine from the National Geographic brand, launched on 30 November 2017.

The 148-page magazine is set to bring to life the great storytelling ethos of the National Geographic brand in the food arena, combining practical recipes, insightful reports and you-can-almost-taste-it-photography. The magazine will be published with a monthly frequency.

Our ethos

National Geographic Food joins one of the most iconic brands in the world and is seeking to carve its niche as the alternative food magazine. From practical recipes to seasonal produce and new food trends, nutrition and health, we talk to the chefs and cooks about how they feed their ‘people’ (guests or families) and we live up to the brand’s values: championing sustainability, celebrating local culture and people, and presenting it with glorious photography and superb storytelling. Through compelling narratives we meet the people, try the recipes, find out about the food and place, all while discovering more about the science of what we eat.

National Geographic Food

It’s local. It’s sustainable. It’s about the story that needs to be told. And the people. It’s always about the people.

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