The latest National Geographic Food features. We believe there’s a new tale to tell about food — the story of your favourite dish, perhaps, or a new trend. We’ll also be shining a light on secret histories and forgotten traditions, as well as tracing the often bumpy journey from farm to fork. As well as championing sustainability and celebrating local people and cultures, we’ll talk to producers, suppliers, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs and nutritionists, and hear from home cooks.

Brewing up a storm

Britain may be in the midst of a beer revolution, but after a series of high-profile buyouts of some of the country’s best-known independent breweries, where will the craft industry go from here?

Ferran: The man with the plan

Ferran Adrià’s groundbreaking restaurant El Bulli was a global sensation. His latest project is even more ambitious and, says the chef, even more important

Ultimate Food Experiences

What’s on your gourmet wish list? Leading chefs and food writers share the once-in-a-lifetime meals they’ve ticked off — and what’s still to come. Words: curated by Fiona Sims

The Big Issue: Butter

After decades of margarine dominance, butter is back. It tastes the best, say chefs, but should we be slathering it on all we eat?

Dine out: Ormer

Shaun Rankin’s London restaurant may be making waves, but his Jersey original still packs a serious punch in the flavour department — just don’t let the Michelin star put you off

Deconstructing the Sunday roast

Though devoured in minutes, the humble roast can take hours to prepare, and this English classic — or dying tradition depending on your outlook — can make or break your cookery esteem

A day in the life of an organic farmer

The early morning shift begins at dawn for the Pick’s Organic team, as they journey to farmers' markets across the country to share their passion for organic meat

Chocolate: From bean to bar and beyond

Chocolate: From bean to bar and beyond Chocolate has a long, and at times torrid, history — but just how has it changed? How have our tastes evolved and what is being done [...]

The new world of whisky

The new world of whisky The single malt superpowers are being challenged — and we’re not just talking about Japan any more. Emerging producers as diverse as Australia, Sweden, Argentina and Israel are [...]

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